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Meet Dom

Olympic Mindset Podcast Founder & Host, Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Father

We've merged the motivational insights from our acclaimed podcast series with the elite coaching expertise of Dominic Broad. Dom brings transformative strategies and personal growth techniques inspired by top athletes and business leaders. Our mission is to help you unlock your highest potential, whether you're seeking compelling conversations or tailored coaching programmes.

 Transform Your Organisation

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What We Do

Dom specialises in helping SMEs optimise their leadership teams, secure leads, and build recurring revenue.

He is uniquely positioned to drive transformative growth in your business, leading a team of over 1,000 people with a rich background as a professional footballer, educator, and over a decade of coaching experience.

Bring the proven strategies from the Olympic Mindset into your organisation and unlock your next steps to success.

Executive Coaching

Learn to manage yourself and become the leader your team needs.

Team Leadership

Develop your staff to be their best, and create capacity across your business.

Accountability & Team Structure

Maximise efficiency, review team structure and introduce processes to supercharge your team. 

Plan & Execute Strategy

Take complex projects from vision through to implementation.

Sales, Marketing &
Lead Gen.

Take the leg work out of lead generation. Boost your sales and marketing function with our partner programmes.


Find and remove bottle necks that stunt your business growth.



“Dom was instrumental in the planning & delivery of our nationwide rollout.”

Anna Love

Apple Education -
Business Development

Dom brings fantastic insight, brilliant energy and clear, engaging delivery. He's had a lasting impact on how we work. He is brilliant to work with!

Clare De-Bank

Pearson -

Head of Marketing

"I would like to recommend Dom and his team for the work they have done. They made a massive impact for LEGO."

Rasmus Horn


Senior Manager

Next Episodes

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How to Overcome Any Obstacle

Join us for a powerful episode of the Olympic Mindset Podcast, where host Dominic Broad sits down with Olympic athlete Christian Malcolm. Together, they dive deep into overcoming hurdles and achieving your ultimate goals. Christian shares his journey, the obstacles he's faced, and the mindset shifts that propelled him to success. This episode is a masterclass in resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.

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WIM HOF: COMING 21st June '24

Unlocking the Potential of Your Mind & Body

In this electrifying episode, host Dominic Broad interviews the legendary Wim Hof. Known as "The Iceman," Wim Hof shares his revolutionary techniques for harnessing the power of cold exposure and breathwork to overcome physical and mental barriers. Dive into Wim's journey, the science behind his method, and how you can apply these practices to achieve peak performance and resilience.

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  • Youtube
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Unlocking the Potential of Your Mind & Body

This episode offers valuable lessons on resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Dominic Broad chats with Olympic champion Laura Siddall. Laura shares her journey through the world of triathlons, detailing the challenges she faced and the mental toughness required to succeed. 

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  • Youtube
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Break Boundaries and Achieve the Extraordinary 

In this thrilling episode Dom's joined by Darren Cox, the visionary behind Gran Turismo Academy and the Hollywood motion picture. Discover Darren’s journey from transforming virtual racing into a real-world motorsport phenomenon to his insights on achieving excellence in high-pressure environments. Darren shares his strategies for overcoming challenges, embracing innovation, and realising your full potential. 

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